Discovering Old Edna Townsite

Old Edna Townsite is a small quiet town—though it’s a bit of stretch to call the cluster of buildings housing a gourmet deli, winery and vacation rentals and event venue a town. Not far from the bustling Highway 101, Old Edna Townsite often gets passed over, most people don’t even know it exists. The historic community is nestled in Edna Valley Wine Country, halfway between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.

I myself have driven by this community more times than I can count when I decided to take the scenic route out of San Luis Obispo, heading south. I finally stopped when I set out to write about our great county.

So that day, enjoying the beautiful day and gorgeous landscape, the first thing I saw when I got to Old Edna Townsite was a sign announcing  “Deli and wine tasting.”  I was hungry and intrigued. 

The historic building houses The Gourmet Deli and Sextant Wines.  Behind that building are two-acres of bed & breakfast, intimate gathering space, chickens and so much more. The Old Edna Townsite had been abandoned for more than 20 years when new life was breathed into it in 1998. 

The deli’s menu has been paired specifically with Sextant’s wines. In addition to having the option to order a range of gourmet items, tasters can order a variety of cheeses chosen to pair with the wine tasting menu. 

Surrounded by antiques and gifts that look old, I felt relaxed—how I want to feel when I’m out wine tasting or enjoying what the area has to offer—and at home. Guests can either eat at the bar while tasting wines or take food—and wine, of course—out on the deck. After my visit inside, I wandered around the property and was struck by the calm and rustic atmosphere. The larger guest house has a small stage in the yard for entertaining. Old Edna is on the top of my list for an intimate event or gathering, or even a night away as there is a small guest house on the property. Between the two guesthouses are the chickens’ home, adding to the rural feeling. 

If you’re driving by or even just looking for something to do near San Luis Obispo stop by this historic place and have lunch and some wine. You won’t be sorry you did.