When your passport expires makes a difference

You know you have a passport. You know it’s not expired, so you book your tickets to somewhere out of the country. You check to see if you need a visa. You’re good to go. Or so you think.

Until you get to the airport and are denied access to the airplane because your passport expires within three or six months within you entering the specific country.

Now what?

You either cancel your trip or make an immediate trip to the nearest passport office for an expedited renewal, which will cost you money to change your flight, money to stay in a hotel (if you’re away from home already) and money for an expedited passport. And if you cancel your trip altogether, it could cost you a whole lot more.

Don’t risk your vacation by failing to take two simple steps:

  1. Check the expiration date of your passport and those of anyone traveling with you.
  2. Check passport requirements with each and every country you plan to visit when you make your reservations HERE.
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Also, if you have visited many countries, it’s important that you also check to see how many blank pages you have in your passport and verify how many are required for each country you visit. And take into consideration what countries you are visiting before you arrive in each country. You can check those requirements HERE.

Even if you are using a travel agent, I recommend you check requirements so you don’t find yourself in a situation that could have been avoided.